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U philosophy

The Philosophy of UNIQ Green Business Centre: Created for You

The A class business centre located in the heart of Vilnius heralds a different – green type of trend in office buildings encompassing sustainability and landscape-friendliness, energy saving materials, responsibility for the kind of conditions we can offer you – our employees, clients, and partners.

Address: A. Goštauto Street 12A, Vilnius
Business office class: Gross floor area: 10,363m2
Rented premises area: 6816m2

Tenant of the building: Danske Bank
Number of floors: 9 (2 underground)
Parking space: 2696m2, 117 parking lots Start of construction works: November 2013
End of construction works: 2Q 2015
Architecture and building design: Renova, UAB Interior of the building: A2SM Architects Foto: Leonas Garbačiauskas

Our name, UNIQ, is much more than a code for an ecological, convenient, cosy and healthy working place, and more than a harmonious place for innovative business development. It is A REFLECTION OF YOUR UNIQUE REQUIREMENTS. UNIQ is truly for YOU and completely ABOUT YOU.

U shape

Where Ecology Meets Ergonomics

The UNIQ business centre is truly unique both for its green solutions in this part of the city and for its own exterior and interior. There is a good reason why we have chosen the U-shape for our building: each of the 600 working places here has been specially designed to enable you to sit by the window and hence never suffer from a lack of natural light. The business centre has opening windows and we have chosen individual solutions for them depending on the direction that they look out at.

Among other things that serve as evidence of our care for your individual needs is our unique cyclist space, and the self-contained green zone along with the roof terrace.

When installing the building management systems, we have sought a balance between functionality, energy saving and your personal comfort. UNIQ has its own smart meteorological station which is interconnected with the automatic sunscreen management on the façade. We have installed fabric sunscreens on the façade whose design enables them to react to the differing environmental conditions and provide the most effective means of protection from the sun, ultraviolet rays and heat.

The air conditioning and cooling system is equipped with chilled beams whose energy consumption rates are almost one-third lower. This kind of system provides the premises with an optimal air temperature, while cold airstreams are prevented from entering the building, meaning you are less likely to suffer from cold-related illnesses.

The intelligent KNX room illumination system ensures endless possibilities for lighting: it will automatically determine the optimal room illumination for inside and outside, switch off the lights at dawn and switch them back on at dusk, thus creating various illumination levels. The management of the façade sunscreens is also interconnected with the KNX system.

U certificate

Striving for the Platinum LEED Standard

LEED Rating Systems™ is an internationally recognised system to rate a building’s environmental characteristics. UNIQ is the first building in Lithuania awarded the highest – platinum – certificate in accordance with the international LEED standard.

One of the crucial ideas supported by LEED is that a new project should not become an unsuitable interference into the urban space that has already taken shape, and should not deform the already-existing green zones. Therefore, UNIQ is one of the friendliest solutions to the urban environment: a new building was built in the place of an old demolished edifice that had long been ineffective, and thus naturally blending it in the surroundings and the environment.

The site sees the establishment of all the necessary infrastructure to reach the working place by car or electromobile. There are the special parking lots constructed and equipped with charging stations. 

With a view to saving energy on cooling the building, we constructed a white PVC roof that reflects the sun, so the building not heats up in the summer.

The construction methods and materials of this building also deserve special attention. We have endeavoured to use as many locally sourced materials as possible in order to make the environment less polluted by long-distance transport. We have also strived to source the materials from recycled raw staple as much as possible. 

U centre

A Lively Thoroughfare in the City Centre

UNIQ business centre is located nearby one of the most important thoroughfares of the city centre, so it is easy to find and reach by car, bicycle or public transport from the various districts of Vilnius. UNIQ is surrounded by strategically important objects: government institutions, with Gedimino Avenue and Konstitucijos Avenue nearby. Moreover, it only takes a few minutes on foot to reach the banks, cafés, and shops that are scattered close by, and about a couple more minutes to go by public transport, for example, to Vilnius airport, the central bus station or the train station. Therefore, UNIQ is perfectly in tune with the rhythm of Vilnius, and certainly in tune with your needs. 

U developer

Vastint Lithuania, UAB: Scandinavian Roots and Long-Term Estate Value 

Vastint Lithuania, UAB is part of the Vastint Group, an international real estate development organisation. The company started its operations in Lithuania in 1998. Vastint Lithuania, UAB philosophy is to envisage the areas which provide the greatest possibilities, to invest into their development and to create long-term estate value.

Vastint Group has over 25 years of experience and works towards positive long-term social, economical and environmental solutions and developments.

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Jogailos street 4, Vilnius
LT-01116 Lithuania
Phone No. +370 5 269 0069
Fax No. +370 5 269 0095

E-mail: info.lithuania@vastint.eu